Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Solos, Duos, Trios & Quads

Attention Soloists & Parents: Competition time is coming up very quickly! Soloists & Team members need to practice, practice, practice! We do not want to get caught unprepared! PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! The competitions we will be attending as a team are: Dance Spectacular Utah (held on March 27th) and Utah Dance Championships (held on April 30th for solos & May 1st for team routines). Both competitions will be held at Roy High School in Roy, Utah.

If you are competing a solo, duo, trio, quad or entering in the Cover Girl contest, it is YOUR responsibility to complete any entry forms necessary & to send it in to the competition with your payment by their deadlines. If you would like an application for a solo, duo, trio, quad or Cover Girl contest, please specify which competition and Dana will either give you a copy of the application or tell you the website in which you can download their applications. On your application you MUST put the studio/company name: 24/7 Dance Company AND our team name: Elite Dance Extreme. **It is your responsibility to bring your music to the competition, as stated in the applications.**

If you are competing a solo, duo, trio or quad, I personally suggest entering BOTH competitions. In this case after the first competition, you can go over your score sheets with your choreographer to see what the judges liked about your performance, what they suggest you practice, & if you would like to make any changes to your routine. This way you can improve or do just as well at the second competition.

Prices for Dance Spectacular (March Competition)
Solo: $60.00 each Duo: $40.00 each girl
Trio: $35.00 each girl Quad: $35.00 each girl

Prices for Utah Dance Championships (April/May Competition)
Solo: $59.00 each Duo: $35.00 each girl
Trio: $35.00 each girl Quad: $35.00 each girl

At Dance Spectacular Utah (March Competition) there is also a photogenic contest called “Cover Girl.” To enter, contestant must complete the entry form and enclose a VERTICAL 8x10, color or black & white recent photo of themselves. (Photo must reflect contestants age). The cost to enter into the Cover Girl division is $40.00 for the 1st entry and any additional entry of the SAME person is an additional $25.00.

BOTH Competitions state that anyone who competes a solo, duo, trio, quad will receive a trophy. Dance Spectacular states that anyone who enters in the Cover Girl contest will receive a trophy.

Any dancers on our team that compete a solo, duo, trio or quad will have first priority to perform their routine at our year end recital!!!

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