Monday, September 17, 2012

Pizza Kit Fund Raiser

REMINDER: STUDENS NEED TO TURN IN THEIR MONEY AND PIZZA KIT ORDER FORMS BY: SEPTEMBER 24(Monday). All team members (excluding Boys Hip-Hop Crew) need to sell at least 5 items.

Check the following BEFORE turning in your order sheet:
  1. Your name AND phone number are listed at the top of the order form.
  2. Name and phone number listed for each customer.
  3. Tally each customer's order to make sure they have paid the correct amount.
  4. At the bottom of each column, tally the total amount of each item ordered.
  5. List the total amount of items you have sold.
  6. Add the “Amount Paid” from each customer to get a “Total Amount Paid” and list it at the bottom of the “Amount Paid” column.
  7. Make sure all checks are made payable to: 24/7 Dance Company
  8. Turn in order form AND payment no later than September 24.

If you have any questions contact Dana Wilkerson at (435) 724-5544 or email

Saturday, September 15, 2012


2012-2013 Competition Team:

Mini Company:
Devri G.
Amyrka L.
Brynlee B.
Kristan H. 
Savannah S.
Braydee R.

Petite Company:
Hannah H.
Melana R.
Madison V.
Hailey F.
Mckinley M.
Lexi Y.
Kinsley T.
Haven P.

Junior Company:
Rozalon R.
Remi S.
Briaunna H.
Cami P. 
Hannah Y. 

Senior Company:
Shaylee W.
Madi A.
Devry M.
Megan C.
Tianna H.
Arianne R. 
Kilie P.
Josie R.
Shakira Y.

Elite Company:
Shandi C.
Selina P.
Kylee B.
Tauzya C. 
Kennedi L.
Shalae V.

**Everyone did a FANTASTIC job at the Placement Classes & Call Backs!  We are so excited to have such an AMAZING team this year!  Congrats to all dancers!**

Monday, September 3, 2012


COMPETITION TEAM: Each team member needs the green/white team tank, black tank leotard, black spankys, and dance shoes. A tank, leotard, and spankys will be ordered for all NEW team members. If you would like more than one of these items, or shoes, or are a previous team member and would like a new tank, leotard, spankys, or shoes, please let Dana know TODAY!