Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear Dancers!
We are coming into our competition season; however for each class to compete their own routine we need to have at least SIX dancers in each group. Please invite your friends to join our competition team! They can join Elite Dance Extreme NO LATER THAN our first class in December (December 2nd). Please invite your friends to come join the fun!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NOTE: Competition- misconfusion 11/18/08

Dear Parents & Dancers:
We are reminding you of our competition dates on:
~March 27th & 28th, 2009
~April 24th & 25th , 2009
The competitions are located at Roy High School--- Address: 2150 West 4800 South Roy, Utah

Please mark your calendars!!! We have had a misunderstanding about the competitions. The SATURDAY DATES listed above are the TEAM competition days and the FRIDAY DATES listed above are for any of the dancers who will be competing SOLOS, DUOS or TRIOS. (Please contact me if you would like more info about competing a solo, duo, or trio). We do NOT travel as a team on a bus/vehicle. Each dancer travels out with their own family to the competition. We will then meet together at the competition in our assigned team dressing room. Each dancer is responsible to be to the competition location by the time assigned for our team to meet. We will send out the competition meeting times and performance times 1 month – 2 weeks prior to the competition date (i.e. As soon as the studio receives the information- we will send you a note of the competition information). Our team will perform at various times throughout SATURDAY. Please plan to be there for the majority of the day.

When you receive the competition information packets from our studio, you will also receive a list of nearby hotels if any of you would like to reserve a hotel room.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NOTE: Shoes & Tights 11/11/08

Dear Parents and Dancers;
It is soon competition time! We will be ordering our costumes shortly so please make sure you have turned in your $30 costume deposit. We will be sending out a separate note soon; notifying you of the full costume price. However, EVERYONE on the competition team will need TAN gore boots (dance shoes) as part of their costume and tan dance tights. I have found brands that are a good price and good quality! The cost of these dance shoes is $32 and the tights are $6; please bring in the attached form with your child's CURRENT measurements/sizes.


Dancer's Name:__________________________
Class: _______________
Street Shoe Size:_______
Height:______________ (needed for tights sizing)
Weight:______________ (needed for tights sizing)

Total Amount Due: _____________ ($32 shoes + $6 tights= TOTAL $38)

****Shoe & tights payment due NO LATER THAN December 9th****

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elite Dance Extreme Dancers: COMPETITION NOTE!

Dear Elite Dance Extreme Dancers & Parents:
This is a reminder for you to mark your calendar for our competition dates! The competitions and dates are as follows:

*Dance Spectacular Utah Competition & Pageant: March 27 & 28 2009
*Dance Spectacular National Competition & Pageant: April 24 & 25 2009

As a team we will be attending BOTH competitions! Teams only perform on the SATURDAYS of these competitions (March 28th & April 25th). Fridays are for anyone doing solos, duos or trios. Performance times vary and we will not know exact performance times until two weeks prior to competition. We will be performing at many different times throughout the day, this is an all day competition.

BOTH of these competitions will be held at Roy High School in Roy, Utah.
The address for the high school is 2150 W 4800 S Roy, Utah.