Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Costumes - Minis & Petites

Attention EDE MINIS & PETITES: Our costumes have either already arrived or will arrive in January. The full price for BOTH costumes is $59 total. If you have already paid your $40 costume deposit (which was due in November) then you only need to pay the remaining amount which is $19. Remaining amount is due on or before January 28th.

I have tried my best to find the best quality costumes for the best price! I feel that the costumes we have ordered are one of the best deals possible, because the average price for ONE performance costume is usually between $40 - $50.

Costumes will be handed out near the beginning of February. Costumes will not be handed out to each dancer unless paid in FULL & ALL other fees are paid up to date. Once you receive your costumes they are YOUR responsibility. Please do not loose or damage your costumes. We ask that you do not wear your costumes until competition/performances so that we do not risk the chance of damaging our costumes. We have had each dancer try on all of their costumes during class time to make sure they fit them correctly. Upon receiving your costumes PLEASE put your name on the tags so that your costumes will not get mixed up with others & if they get left behind at a performance or competition, we will know who it belongs to.
*Costume prices do not include dance shoes and performance tights.*

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