Monday, October 20, 2008

Dance Sign-Ups!

Sign-ups for classes at 24/7 Dance Company were held on Saturday, September 27th and Wednesday October 1st. We thank everyone who came for information and to enroll in the classes. We also appreciate the help on Saturday's sign-ups from Julie W. & Todd W. We would also like to appreciate the help for Wednesday's sign-ups from Karen A. & Britney A.

If you have a friend that you would like to invite to sign-up, please have them call Dana at 435-724-5544 or bring them with you to your next class if your friend is of the same age. Thanks again & see you soon!

NOTE - Oct 21 & 22

Dear Parents & Dancers:
We have decided to invite SIX year olds to join our competition team!! Any girl who is six years old is now eligible to join our competition dance team, ELITE DANCE EXTREME. This is completely optional; six year olds can stay in their class that they are enrolled in now or switch to join our competition team. If they join the competition team they will be in Petites (Ages now 6 - 9) which is held every TUESDAY from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Tuition for competition classes is $30 a month. The competition team will go out to TWO competitions in the spring; March 28th & April 25th . Please let me know A.S.A.P. If you would like to join the competition team. Thank you!
Dana Wilkerson
24/7 Dance

Friday, October 17, 2008

NOTE 2 - Oct 21 & 22

Dear Dancers & Parents:
This is a friendly reminder; please make sure that your dancer comes to dance class in clothes that she can dance and STRETCH in. It helps for the safety of our dancers, for them stretch properly if they are wearing stretchable/flexible clothing. This means NO JEANS! Examples of clothing dancers can wear to dance classes are spandex pants, sweat pants, shorts, leotards, etc. with a t-shirt or tank-top. If you would like to order dance class attire you can go to these websites: or; also Wal-mart and Kmart have simple dance attire in the girls department. If this is a problem, let me know and we can see about ordering practice attire for your dancer.

Also, we would like to remind parents/siblings who come to watch; it is very distracting for the girls to dance if there are disruptive people watching, we typically ask in our contract that we don't have an audience while practicing because of the distraction. However, please make sure if you do happen to stay to watch the class that you are quiet and respective. Please do not drop off your children that are not in the dance class, we have had problems with unattended children being very noisy and disruptive. We thank you for your concerns.

We would like to let everyone know that we have an online blog; that will keep you up to date about what is going on at the dance studio, how dancers are doing in class, and upcoming events.

Dana Wilkerson