Friday, September 26, 2008

Last Year's Team

As some of you may know, I going to start teaching dance classes in October, which is coming up fast. All week i have been trying to advertising and get everything ready for the first day of sign-ups on Saturday! It has been a bit stressful but not enough to go crazy yet... (well todd might be crazy/sick of it already) anyway starting my classes up again reminds me of my team last year and all the fun we had at practices and competitions. I love my dancing girls so much! we were a small team but we loved it. I remember when the girls would just laugh at me when i did something stupid, like trying to show them the correct way of how to do a leap and then i almost fell completely on my face!! We all laughed, but that's what is so fun about it; I'm not just their teacher, I'm their friend too. We had good times last year, some pretty stressful times too but we still managed to win 2nd place at our first competition and then work harder to win 1st place at our next competition. It was a blast!! I think that my dancer girls have improved a lot just over the past year. They have learned to dance better as a team and to just keep trying! "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU TRY YOUR BEST!!" that is what i have taught these girls and they have accomplished so much!! At our last class we gave out awards: The award "Most Creative" was given to Alicia. The award "Most Improved" was given to Britney and "DANCER OF THE YEAR" was given to Alyse. I hope to continue giving these three awards every year for each class to honor my "originals". I hope that they will continue dancing and striving to accomplish their dreams!